Victor Gibson Medal

The Victor Gibson Medal is awarded by resolution of the Council upon recommendation of the Executive Committee.  Upon recommendation from the Executive Committee, a resolution is forwarded to the Council (i.e. the affiliated member societies) for approval.  Councillors should vote in accordance with the instruction from their Society, each Society has one vote. Thought may be given to the exclusion of the recipient's Society in the mail out to preserve the surprise element.  When a majority of responses is received in favour, the Executive Committee processes the award for presentation at a suitable function.


1.     The Victor Gibson Medal is the highest honour which the Federation confers.

2.     It is awarded for especially distinguished or meritorious service to the FWFSA, to a cause or art which the Federation espouses.

3.     It is intended that the Medal will be rarely awarded.

4.     The Medal is intended for wearing by the holder at appropriate functions held by the Federation and its constituent members.

5.     The holder also receives a Plaque suitable for desk or wall display.

6.     Both the Medal and Plaque are engraved with the name of the holder and the year of the award.

7.     It is awarded by resolution of The Council upon recommendation of The Executive.

Awarded to.

Ian Arnold Awarded at the Metropolitan Wine and Food Society of Sydney President’s Dinner,  9 July 2016. This award is in recognition of the distinguished and meritorious service  Ian has provided to the causes of the Federation, primarily through his founding and continuing leadership and mentoring roles within the Metropolitan Wine and Food Society of Sydney since 1977,  his key involvement in the organisation of two Victor Gibson Weekends in 1997 & 2011, his membership of the Federation Committee as Vice President from 2006 to 2014,  and as President of the Federation from 2014 to 2016
Barbara Tomkins

Awarded at the Warrnambool Victor Gibson Dinner in 2013. Barbara has supported the Ladies WFS of Melbourne for almost three decades, serving on their Committee in a variety of roles including as President. Barbara has been involved with the Federation since 1995, holding a variety of roles on the Executive Committee. including serving as President from 2008 to 2010, a position she carried out with great dedication and enthusiasm. 

Ian Ryan

Presented at the Joint New Zealand and Australia Convention in Napier, New Zealand, April 2012. Ian served on The Federation Executive Committee from 1994 and  was Federation President 1998 – 2000, a role he carried out with great distinction.  He  has been the Councillor fo Mildura WFS since 1992, helping to run two Victor Gibson Commemorative weekends – 1980 and 1988 and 2 Conventions in 1996 and 2010.  Ian has supported the FWFSA for over  three decades, he has furthered the aims and objectives of The Federation showing great dedication to the wine and food movement with incredible generosity in mind and matter

Raymond Healey

Awarded March 6th 2009 in recognition of his distinguished service to the WFS NSW over many years, his services as wine master for three conventions, 1980, 1988 and 2000 and for furthering the aims of the FWFSA.

Donald James Chalmers

Awarded on 11th February 2007 for outstanding and dedicated service to the FWFSA in his two terms as President, ten years of Executive service, and 36 years of service to the Wine & Food Society of Portland & District.

Neville J. Baker

Awarded in 2002 for outstanding and dedicated service to the WFSA (now the FWFSA) and the New South Wales Society over a period of forty four years.

Ian de Cerjat Forsyth Baird

Awarded at the fifteenth Victor Gibson Dinner in Adelaide on March 17th 2001 in recognition of his distinguished service to The Federation. Having served as Secretary/Treasurer since 1992 and editor of EPICURIO since 2000.

Raymond J. Foley

Awarded at the seventeenth Annual Convention in Sydney on March 4th 2000 in recognition of his distinguished service to The Federation of Wine & Food Societies of Australia, having served on the Executive since 1989, as President for two terms, and Foundation Editor of Epicurio. He was also instrumental in the Tasmanian Societies conducting the 1998 FWFSA Convention in Launceston and Hobart.

James W Tomkins

Awarded at the Federation’s fourteenth Victor Gibson Commemorative Dinner on 28th February 1999 for distinguished service to The Federation of Wine & Food Societies of Australia. He has been a member of the Executive from 1984, Vice President, 1987-1992, President 1992-94 and Cellar master from 1992. He also played a major role in the successful conventions held in Melbourne in 1990 and Port Douglas, 1994

Frances Gerard

Presented at the fifteenth National Convention at Mildura on March 20th 1996 for distinguished services to The Wine & Food Society of Australia as its Vice President for three terms, organiser of the South Australian Post Convention Tour to the sixth National Convention, March 1980, and Chairman of both the thirteenth National Convention held in Adelaide in October 1992, and the fourteenth National Convention held in Port Douglas, September 1994.

John D Edwards

Presented at the Society’s eleventh Victor Gibson Commemorative Dinner in Melbourne on March 13 1993 for distinguished services to The Wine & Food Society of Australia as its President for two terms, Secretary/Treasurer for six terms, and Executive member for nine terms

Peter C Joyce

Presented at the second Victor Gibson Commemorative Dinner in Warrnambool, November 7, 1991 for distinguished services as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the IWFS-WFSA International Triennial Convention held in Australia during 1980 and for the outstanding contribution made to the advancement of the Society during his two terms as President.  

Michael A Cavanaugh

For distinguished services as an Executive member of The Wine & Food Society of Australia since its formation, and for the outstanding contribution made to the development of the Society during his two terms as President. Presented at the Society’s sixth convention in Ballarat, March 17 1978.

Victor McD Gibson, AM

For distinguished services in the formation of the Society and as its first President. Presented at The Society’s Luncheon held in connection with the Annual General Meeting at Melbourne, March 22, 1975.

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