Federation of Wine and Food Societies of Australia Inc.

Public Liability Insurance

  • What if a guest or member sues your Society and/or its members for personal injury or loss of income.Are you insured? Can you and your members afford to pay? 

  • Incorporation reduces the risk, in this age of frequent litigation, your Society and it's members need to be protected by Public Liability Insurance policy.

  • The Executive of the Federation has negotiated a group purchase of a Public Liability Insurance at a reasonable rate per member. The cost to a Society is a nominal sum per membership, at lesser cost than individual Society policies.

  • To ascertain the annual premium cost per member, refer to your copies of the Federation annual and AGM reports.

  • Cover is for $10 million, with a $500 excess on claims. (This is about 50% what Societies used to pay for cover per member).

  • The Federation PLI is now used by a majority of members, so if you are not covered adequately for Public Liability Insurance now is the time to enquire.

Please consider having your Society joining the Federation Public Liability insurance scheme.

For more information on how you may join the scheme

Contact our Treasurer email click here  or,

 Secretary  email   click here


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Last Changed, Thursday, April 06, 2017