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Over the years the Federation has built up a cellar of premium quality, well-aged wines, which have been carefully cellared and which are available to societies at very attractive prices for various purposes. Generally the cellar has been available primarily for Federation functions – the Victor Gibson Commemorative Weekends and the Federation Conventions.

In 2016 the Committee agreed that societies be encouraged to access the cellar more frequently and the following access rules have been developed. Access to wines in the cellar must remain at the discretion of the Federation Cellar Master in the first instance and with the Federation President and Committee.

A list of the wines in the cellar is provided on the website, although the Cellar Master will be able to provide the list with prices on request from a member society. From time to time a list of wines ‘for immediate sale’ will be circulated to societies, and placed on the Federation website.

Access Rules:

A society which has agreed to host a Victor Gibson Commemorative Weekend or a Federation Convention can from any point after agreeing to host the function request that as many wines as they wish from the cellar list be reserved pending further consideration.

  • Once they are placed on the reserved this, they cannot be sold to any other society until they are released or until the date of the event.

  •  The Cellar Master will be available for discussion with the host society organising committee regarding the wines available and the reserving of the quantities which might be required for the functions.

 A society may request wine from the cellar for society functions.

  • Other than wines which have been placed on a reserved list for a Victor Gibson Weekend or Federation Convention by the host society, any society may request wine from the cellar during each calendar year, for any reason, up to a maximum of 0.25 bottles per member (as defined at the time of completion of the annual return and paying the annual subscription fee). This may be spread across any number of different wines. For example, if a society has 40 members it can request 10 bottles in total (10 of 1 wine or, 5 bottles of two different wines, or 4 and 3 bottles of 3 different wines).

  •  If a society is hosting an anniversary dinner (decade only – 20, 30, 40 years etc.) the amount of wine that they can request in any calendar year will be 0.5 bottles per member.


  • Notwithstanding these rules above. If a wine is placed on the list for immediate sale, then any society can buy from this list without restriction with regard to the overall number of wines or bottles ordered.

  •  All wine sold to societies (including those purchased for a Victor Gibson Weekend or a Federation Convention) is non-returnable.

  • A freight charge will be added to the invoice for the wines, unless suitable arrangements are made to collect the wines.

  •  A current listing of wines is below

  • some wines are available to member Societies with special pricing

  • The Cellar Master may be contacted here click here 

Cellar Wines available as at 06/04/2017

Vintage Details Variety
1995 Ch Prieure Lichine,  Margaux Cabernet Blend
2000 Pauillac de Latour Cabernet blend
2001 Pauillac de Latour Cabernet blend
2003 Chateau Canon de Brem Cabernet Blend
2009 Chateau Meyney Cabernet Blend
2009 Chateau Gloria Cabernet Blend
2009 Chateau Talbot Cabernet Blend
2009 Chateau d'Issan Cabernet Blend
2009 Chateau Lascombes Cabernet Blend
2010 Chateau Gloria Cabernet Blend
2010 Chateau Meyney Cabernet Blend
2010 Chateau Talbot Cabernet Blend
2010 Chateau Phelan Segur Cabernet Blend
2006 Paris V Cornas 60 Shiraz
2006 Jamet Cote Rotie Shiraz 
2009 Jadot Baune 1er 150 anniversary Red Burgundy
2009 Domaine Dublere Volnay Pitures Red Burgundy
2009 Hospice de Beaune - Corton Red Burgundy
2009 Hospice de Beaune - Beaune 1er Red Burgundy
2008 Azelia Barolo Nebiollo
1988 Lindemans St George Cabernet Blend
1990 Lindemans Limestone Ridge Cabernet Shiraz
1991 Lindemans Limestone Ridge Cabernet Shiraz
1991 Penfolds Bin 707 Cabernet Blend
1994 Hollick Ravenswood  Cabernet Blend
1996 David Wynn Patriarch Shiraz
1997 Haan Prestige Merlot
1998 Haan Prestige Shiraz
1997 Tyrrells Vat 1 Semillon
2003 Olssens Jackson Barry Pinot Noir  New Zealand Pinot
2004 Martinborough Pinot Noir New Zealand Pinot
2006 Pegasus Bay Reisling New ZealandReisling
2005 Girardin Puligny Mont. "les Perrieres" White Burgundy
2009 Vincent Girardin Corton Charlemagne White Burgundy
1999 Raveneau Chablis Chapelot Chablis
2008 L Moreau Chablis Les Clos Chablis
2010 L Moreau Chablis Les Clos Chablis
2009 W Fevre Chablis 1er Montee de Tonnerre Chablis
2010 Billaud Simon Chablis Montee de Tonnerre Chablis
2010 W Fevre Chablis 1er Montee de Tonnerre Chablis
2012 W Fevre Chablis 1er Montee de Tonnerre Chablis
2010 W Fevre Chablis Les Clos Chablis
2014 W Fevre Chablis Montee de Tonnerre Chablis
2010 Domaine Bernhard Riesling Schlossberg Grand Cru Alsace
NV Regis Brut Rose Champagne Champagne
NV Moet Chandon Champagne
2009 Diebolt-Vallois 2000/01/02 Champagne
2010 Chateau Climens Bordeaux Sweet
2010 Chateau Coutet Bordeaux Sweet
2003 Chateau Coutet Bordeaux Sweet
1995 Ch Doisy Daene Barsac Bordeaux Sweet
NV Sepplet DP 63 Rutherglen Muscat (375ml) Muscat
1994 Graham Vintage Port Vintage Port
2000 Fonseca Vintage Port Vintage Port
1980 Smith Wood. Vintage Port Vintage Port
1997 Smith Wood. Vintage Port Vintage Port

For further information regarding quantities and pricing please contact the cellar master click here

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