Federation of Wine and Food Societies of Australia Inc.

Aims and objectives

The Federation of Wine & Food Societies of Australia is incorporated in Victoria

1. To establish in Australia a non-profit sharing organization of groups having objects similar to, and wishing to become members of, the Federation.

2. To promote an appreciation of wine, food and culinary art and to develop the pleasure of drinking and eating in good company as an essential part of a healthy, cultivated and enjoyable way of life.

3. To further the study and improvement of all habits and arts associated and compatible such an appreciation and to assist in the general propagation of their understanding and knowledge.

4. To encourage wine and food servers and merchants, restaurateurs, and all associated with the  provision of such amenities, to adopt the highest standards for the preparation and presentation of wines and food.

5. To make awards, commendations and donations to encourage interest in the Federation or its objects.

6. To establish a cellar of wines for use at Federation functions and for member societies when celebrating special events.

7. To establish and maintain libraries and information connected with the objects of the Federation and to print and publish books, periodicals and leaflets.

8. To become a member of any other organization having objects altogether or in part similar to those of the Federation, provided that the Federation distributes its income solely towards the promotion of the objects of the Federation.


Each affiliated Society appoints a Councillor from its membership. The current President of the Society is also, ex officio, a Councillor. The Councillors comprise the Federation’s Council which is the supreme governing body.

An Executive is elected annually from this body in accordance with the rules of Incorporation.

A Society may affiliate with the FWFSA provided that:

1. It espouses the aims and objectives of the FWFSA.

2. The name of the prospective affiliate includes the words “Wine & Food Society” and is geographically descriptive.

3. The prospective affiliate has at least 10 members.

4. The prospective affiliate holds at least four functions primarily dedicated to food and/or wine in each calendar year.

5. The prospective affiliate appoints a councillor and pays all dues required of it. The joining fee is presently $50 and there is an annual per member capitation fee, presently $5, payable for the first 100 members.

6. The prospective affiliate offers reciprocal rights of admission to members of other affiliated Societies when they can show that they have moved within its locality.

7. The prospective affiliate produces evidence that it has been in operation for at least twelve months.

8. The prospective affiliate is nominated by either an FWFSA member Society or an FWFSA Councillor and either the nominating Society’s Councillor or the nominating Councillor respectively must have attended at least one function of the prospective affiliate.

9. The Councillor for the nominating Society, or the nominating Councillor, whichever is applicable, sponsors the prospective affiliate to the FWFSA by producing a Constitution, function details, and any other matters relevant for FWFSA consideration.

 Like to know more about how to join your with fellow Societies in the Federation of Australian Food and Wine Societies email to President

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Last Changed, Thursday, April 20, 2017